Among Friends Baking Mixes

Cooking is fun but baking can be stressful. Whereas with cooking you can go by taste and feel, baking requires precision measurements and temperatures or that moist fluffy cake will turn out like a block of cement.

Among Friends Baking takes a lot of the calculation and guesswork out of baking, making it as fun as cooking. What started as a casual cup of coffee between friends has grown to include a variety of nutrition dense sweets and treats.

Among Friends stars nine fun, delicious mixes covering everything from cookies to cakes:

  • Francie's Brownie Mix
  • Gerry's Jam Bar Mix
  • Liv it Up Cake Mix
  • CJs Double Chocolate Cookie Mix
  • Evan's Heavenly
  • Phil'em Up
  • Suzie Q's
  • Shane's Sweet-n-Spicy
  • Trish the Dish

These mixes may make treats that are actually good for you but they taste nothing like other "health" cookies from the store. Among Friends is also available gluten free!

Visit and begin baking today!

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