Charlotte Hornets unveil new uniforms

The Charlotte Hornets unveiled their new uniforms on Thursday. There are three sets: a home uniform, an away uniform and an alternate, which will be worn 16-20 times a year.
The home uniforms are white, with purple numbers and teal letters. The road uniforms are purple and feature teal numbers and white letters. Both of them have the word Hornets across the chest.
The alternate uniforms are teal, which was the primary color of the original Charlotte Hornets. These uniforms have purple numbers and white letters. The word Charlotte is written across the front of these jerseys, reports USA Today.
All three uniforms feature a silhouette of a hornet in the middle of the elastic strap at the top of the shorts. Furthermore, they all feature four stripes running down the sides. This characteristic pay homage to the pinstripe uniforms of the original Hornets.
At the bottom of the four stripes on the white and purple uniforms, there is a “CH” in the shape of a hornet. The teal alternates include a hornet in this location.
“We’ve been on this trail for quite some time,” said Seth Bennett, the Hornets Senior VP for Marketing, Entertainment and Interactive Media, at the unveiling ceremony . “We’ve been involved in the design process heavily since July when the board of governors unanimously approved our application to become the Hornets again.”
As per NBA rules, the uniforms are distinct and updated from the original Hornet uniforms. The new uniforms were designed by the Jordan Brand, which is a Nike subdivision featuring Michael Jordan. Jordan is a partial owner of the Hornets.
They will be sold as Adidas products, due to the NBA’s exclusive deal with the clothing manufacturer. Fans can preorder the jerseys beginning in August. The jerseys will become available in September in the team store and online, according to ESPN.

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