Cloud b Bubbly Cuddly Bunny and Bubbly Bunny

Cloud b is famous for their soft plush toys with soothing lights and effects to help calm children down and fall asleep.

The Cloud b Glow Cuddle Bunny is a soft plush bunny toy that is perfect for cuddling.

It has a soft glowing light and touch activated heartbeat vibration to help your child fall asleep. The light and heartbeat vibration have their sleep timers so you don't have to disturb your sleeping babe to turn it off.

The Cloud b Bubbly Bunny Sound Machine Soother is another great plush toy for bedtime.

It makes four soothing sounds - laughing baby, rain, ocean waves, and a song - that play softly to help your baby get to sleep. The sleep timer lets you play the sounds for more 20 minutes and as much as 45. A velcro strap lets you attach the toy to a crib.

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