Daily Sports Wrap 6/5: Heat-Spurs showdown, LA Kings win Game 1, Don Zimmer dies

The headlines in the world of sports today were a wide variety of present and past. Champions about to be crowned and an old friend saying goodbye.

LA vs NY

Last night, the Los Angeles Kings knocked off the New York Rangers, 3-2 in overtime to take Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The Rangers had hockey experts scratching their heads during the first period with their blazing speed taking a 2-0 lead. But as the Kings have done so many times in recent memory, they transform into the new age “cardiac kids” and come back yet again by dominating the third period.

The best big-game hockey player in the world today, Kings forward Justin Williams, found himself one on one with Henrik Lundqvist and buried the game winner only 4:36 in the first overtime, according to CBSsports.com. The Team of Destiny Rangers will look to rebound in Game 2 this Saturday night.

The NBA Finals

Tonight will kick off another very predictable NBA Finals match-up. The words “Parody” and “NBA” do not even belong in the same stratosphere together, but hey, beggars cannot be choosers. For the second straight season the Miami Heat will take on the San Antonio Spurs for the world championship.

This marks the fourth straight season that the Heat have won the Eastern Conference (yeah right the big-three was great for this league), while this will be Tim Duncan’s sixth finals appearance with the Spurs, according to href= http://nba.si.com/2014/06/04/tim-duncan-retirement-spurs-heat-finals/ >SI.coma>. Will the ticked-off Duncan get his revenge? Or will LeBron take another step to immortality?

As predictable as knowing who the teams would be in these finals, the outcome might even be more of a laugher. The Heat will take this series in six games.

Don Zimmer bids farewell

Not often can you call a man a “baseball lifer,” but it’s exactly what Don Zimmer is. Zimmer href= //thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2014/06/don-zimmer-baseball-icon-dies-age-83 >Passed away at the age of 83 yesterday at his home in Dunedin, Florida.

Zimmer was in baseball for a ridiculous 66 years. He played the game for 12 seasons and managed for 13, but the amount of teams he represented told the story. Whether he served as Joe Torre’s bench coach for the Yankees late 90’s dynasty or helping the turnaround in Tampa Bay, he was beloved everywhere he traveled.

When close to 10 major league baseball teams call Zimmer “one of their own,” the message is loud and clear: Baseball lost a great man.

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