Dan Marino files concussion lawsuit against NFL

Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino has filed a concussion-related lawsuit against the National Football League.

According to the Associated Press, Marino joined 14 others who filed a lawsuit last week in Philadelphia court.

USA Today Sports noted that the 52-year-old joined more than 4,500 former players who have also accused the league of misleading players about the long-term dangers of concussions.

Court documents said that the plaintiffs accused the NFL of “carelessness, negligence,” and “intentional misconduct” alleging that the league knew about a link between concussions and long-term health problems.

The NFL has faced hundreds of similar lawsuits in the past and reached a settlement for $765 million in August. However, in January, a federal judge declined to approve the settlement, stating that she did not believe it was enough money.

The former Miami Dolphins quarterback played in the NFL for 17 seasons and is considered one of the all-time greats. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2005.

The other former players who filed the latest suit with Marino are Richard Bishop, Ethan Johnson, Chris Dugan, Anthony Grant, Mark Green, LaCurtis Jones, John Huddleston, Erik Affholter, Toddrick McIntosh, Dwight Wheeler, Jackie Wallace, Moses Moreno, Peter Manning and Bruce Clark.

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