Divot releases 'To Shape The Mold'

Hard hitting rock band Divot has released their latest album, To Shape The Mold. The album opens with a deep gothic rock sound and intense guitar solos but it was when the main vocals kick in that this band takes a different turn and stands out amongst many heavy rock 'n' roll groups.

The vocals, which are sung by Cliff Hudson, have a unique and higher pitched tone that helps to complement the heavy guitar solos and intense instrumentals that help to create their full rock 'n' roll sound. At times the band really embraces their heavy metal sound but the album keeps quality of classic rock music throughout.

Even though the LP only have five tracks, it is clear that the band had a vision and a creative mission when they went into the studio to record To Shape The Mold. It has a hard hitting opening track and each song transitions into the next telling a full story instead of feeling like sections of a larger jam recording session.

To Shape The Mold is a more aggressive sound and fans of lighter rock might not enjoy how forward Divot is with their musical sound, but they present who they are up front and don't apologize for it, which is a feeling that is refreshing in this music industry which caters to the top 40 pop charts.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "One Up," "Downer" and "Divide."

With this type of musical passion and creativity, Divot will be a group to watch and see how they develop their musical sound.

Divot is currently on tour promoting their latest EP.

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