'Doctor Who' Season 8 premiere date released

BBC America will be premièring the 8th season of the immensely popular and long-running Doctor Who , starring the new Doctor played by Peter Capaldi, at 8PM EST on August 23rd.

According to Deadline, the season will start with a feature-length episode called “Deep Breath.” In addition to Capaldi, who is making his first full-episode appearance, the episode features Jenna Coleman as companion Clara Oswald, Samuel Anderson as newcomer Danny Pink, a teacher at the school where Clara works, as well as guest starts Ben Miller, Keely Hawes, and Tom Riley.

As noted by IGN, Capaldi’s Thirteenth Doctor was first glimpsed in the 50th Anniversary Special back in November, and in the final minutes of last year’s Christmas Special, but has never made a full appearance or even showed much of his new personality.

IGN also notes that Capaldi and Coleman will soon be appearing together in the US to promote the new season. On August 14th, the two will be in New York as part of the first “Doctor Who World Tour”. The tour will be largest promotional enterprise ever for the 50 year old show, starting in Cardiff, Wales and then visiting major cities like London, Seoul, Sydney, New York, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro.

Photo Credit: INFphoto.com

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