Dolly Parton speaks out against Miley Cyrus' critics

Dolly Parton has had enough of people criticizing Miley Cyrus’s questionable behavior.

It is no secret that Miley has gone through some major image changes since her career took off on Disney’s smash hit, Hannah Montana, back in 2006. Cyrus’s shocking performance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV VMAs offset a barrage of outside criticism that has since surrounded the pop star, much to her godmother’s dismay.

“It’s not easy being young,” Parton told The Standard. It’s hard to know what to do. You’ve almost got to sacrifice your damn soul just to get anything done.”

Dolly Parton is familiar with the demands fame brings to the lives of young stars, as she began her singing career at a very young age. The longtime singer, 68, is defending Miley’s provocative behavior as a form of artistic exploration.

According to People, Parton maintains that radical career moves and a risky public image are both part of the deal when it comes to being a young person in the spotlight. "She's a smart girl,” she says of Cyrus. “She had to go to extremes to get her point across. I think she got the point across."

Dolly Parton is currently abroad on a new tour.

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