Donald Sterling attends predominantly African American church service

It seems Donald Sterling is trying to right his wrongs by attending a predominantly African American church service on Sunday at south Los Angeles’ Praises of Zion Baptist Church.

The soon-to-be ex Los Angeles Clippers owner sat in on a 2-hour service, but it isn’t clear if he got up to address the parishioners. It is clear, however, that he attended the service with some bodyguards.

One of TMZ’s cameramen caught Sterling on his way out of the service and asked him his thoughts on Steve Ballmer buying his team. He wouldn’t answer any questions but did ask “why are they all here?” referring to all the cameras waiting for him as he got into his car.

Sources inside the service say one family got up and left when they caught sight of Sterling walking into the church, but there were other who embraced his appearance.

As we reported Monday morning, his alleged former mistress, V. Stiviano, hasn’t had the same treatment, as she was allegedly assaulted by two men in New York City in front of her hotel on Sunday night.

Sterling's lifetime ban from the NBA came after offensive and racist comments about African Americans leaked.

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