'Faking It' Recap: 1.07: 'Faking Up Is Hard to Do'

Karma and Amy react differently towards each other post threesome, which causes them to see things differently.

We enter this episode in Karma’s room. Karma and Amy are meeting prior to school and Karma refuses to mention anything about the threesome (ie. the kiss). But Amy has to know where they stand, so she blurts out, “Are we not going to talk about the threesome?!”
Another subject change from Karma. She hands Amy a binder titled: “Celebrity Splits” and spills her idea. She suggests they break up. Amy on the other hand disagrees.

During lunch at school, Amy updates Shane on the threesome kisses (Karma is to soaring eagle as Liam is to butterfly) and how Karma suggests they spend time apart. Shane takes this as a clue that Karma wants to keep her distance because she’s trying to figure out her feelings for Amy. Yeah, Amy wishes.

Karma tries to find Liam to discuss the threesome as well. She finds him in…the art room (no shocker there). He is outraged! When he signed up for this, he did not expect to break the girls up in the process. Turns out, thanks to Irma the lunch lady, Karma and Amy’s breakup is all over the school! Karma tries to reassure him that he did in no way break them up. They just don’t see eye to eye. The reason Karma chose on the spot? Children.

Outside, Lauren notices that all anyone can do is talk about the tragedy split of “Karmy”. People should be discussing other important matters, like her. But once her boyfriend, Tommy, accidentally tells her about the threesome, she is struck with the most brilliant idea that’s ever come to her (sassy smile and all).

Later, the school’s reporter, Vashti Nadir interviews Hester’s famous former couple (Karma and Amy) for the school’s Tumblr. She asks the two why they split, if it’s mutual and so on, to which the girls…don’t really know how to answer. Karma tries to have the interview sway a specific way, but Amy’s having none of it. She wants her voice to be heard, too. This doesn’t work well for the interview however. But Vashti’s already one step ahead of them, she informs the girls she already knows about the threesome. Heck everyone knows. Gulp.

Who could possibly let that slip? Lauren of course. In fact she has rounded all of Liam’s previous lovers to form a sort of “Liam Booker Must Die” club. Liam and Shane both witness the girls’ hate for Liam. This causes Liam to feel even more of an a-hole then he already does and looking out for his friend, Shane tries to get revenge on Lauren. He’s found just the kind of ammo: Lauren’s former posse, Lisbeth and Lelia.
But unfortunately the only dirt they have on her is that she takes some kind of pills. It’ll have to do.

Karma tries to do damage control with Vashti and begs her not to blame their breakup on Liam. But Vashti has evidence. Earlier that day, Liam and Amy were awkwardly passing the halls and just happened to hold hands briefly. Of course someone snapped a photo of them and sent it Vashti’s way. What was actually meaningless in reality, doesn’t look that way to Karma. She bursts into jealous rage and admits that the real reason for the breakup is cause of Amy’s raging sex addiction. Ouch!

After a day apart, Karma and Amy reunite and certainly have matters to discuss with each other. Karma tries to get Amy to admit to her secret feelings for Liam, to which Amy baffles (Wrong person, Karma!), “You’re like a horny parrot! Liam Booker! Liam Booker!” This entire discussion results in a official breakup between the two.

In the cafeteria, Shane tries to announce Lauren’s pill poppin’ secret to the school, but is interrupted by the school announcements. It’s Karma, and she is there to set things straight about the breakup and the threesome. She explains that she was never meant to hurt Liam or Amy and that the whole stupid threesome idea was hers in the first place. Why would she hurt “the person in this world who means the most” to her? The second Amy catches sight of Karma’s speech (which also features tears), she sprints to the library to makeup with her other half.
They embrace, and cry (as does the entire school) and are…back together! Finally!

Later outside, the two are seen laying on a blanket, holding hands, kissing and being their adorable selves. Every passersby thinks all is right in the world. But that could be far from the truth. Karma reveals to Amy that after this all dies down they will once again breakup and just be the best friends they were before. Amy smiles, but her eyes show pain.

We end the episode with Karma meeting Liam in his (might as well be) art studio. The two connect once more (kiss) and Karma tells him of the upcoming breakup. She’s all his. They smile, and get to know each other “very well” above the sand and desert scene that is Liam’s art project. (In other words, they have sex).

The Season Finale of Faking It is next week!
It seems Amy will be confessing her feelings for Karma via speech at her Mom’s wedding!

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