Flintface releases 'Hope'

Flintface has just released his latest album titled Hope. For the opening track of the album, "On Your Feet Again," it is clear what the direction of the album will be. It's an organic, gritty rock album that also features a heavy undertone of faith.

Joe Scorsone is the man behind Flintface. His musical background started in West Philadelphia, he was the son of a minister and was heavily influenced by his local community. Scorsone is now grown up and is in another stage of his life but those early elements and influences can be heard in the notes on Hope.

This album came about in a unique way, Scorsone used to tour as Flintface with an entire band but now he is embracing his musical style as a solo artist. This album was created at a hard time in Scorsone's life and that is heard on this record. It is clear that as an artist, Scorsone didn't want to hide anything from his fans and really expressed everything that he was feeling on this album.

Musically, Hope impresses because it feels natural and gritty. The heavy guitars and vocals that Scorsone deliver help to really frame the picture. This album feels like Scorsone is playing an intimate show in front of a few fans. It feels like this album when back to the music basics and it is stripped down when it comes to instrumentals and production. This style works for the record because it allows the lyrics and the passion in the songwriting to come forward and really shines.

Each song feels very personal and also expresses his strong faith.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Rock Steady," "When Culture Calls" and "Buying What You're Selling."

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