George Marinelli releases 'Wild Onions'

George Marinelli has released his latest album titled, Wild Onions. The album is made up of five orginal works from Marinelli and five covers of various artists.

The name George Marinelli might sound familiar to music fans, he is known as the other guitarist in Bonnie Raitt's band. He has been playing with Raitt since 1993. His guitar skills stand out on the album as many would expect. Marinelli is truly a storyteller with his instrumental and how he puts together every single track on this album.

Marinelli has been around the music industry for years and this type of musical education comes across on the album in every note. Each song is though out, it flows into the next and feels like a part of a bigger overall story that Marinelli is trying to tell.

The album opens with the track, "Wrecking Ball," which is nothing like the chart topping hit from Miley Cyrus. It feels like classic elements of rock 'n' roll and has an old school feel. This type of music feels like the records that topped the charts back in the late 80's and early 90's but Wild Onions uses more modern instruments and arrangements to make this album feel new and modern.

This type of slowed down rock music really helps to frame the vocals of Marinelli and is a strong presentation of his musical skills as a whole. Stand out tracks on the album include, " Oh No, Not Love Again," "Hearts Don't Break" and "Soul Flame."

For fans of rock 'n' roll and for fans of the early 90's rock music, this is a can't miss album.

Marinelli is currently on tour and is playing venues all across the Midwest.

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