George Marinelli - 'Wild Onions' album review

George Marinelli is best known as one of the guitarists in country star Bonnie Raitt’s band. Having been on the music scene for years, Marinelli released his second album Wild Onions back in March. For two songs, fellow band members from Raitt’s band, Ritchie Fataar and Hutch Hutchinson, join Marinelli playing the drums and bass, respectively.

The songs consist of five original and five cover versions and Marinelli captures the essence of the music behind his lyrics and the harmony of the vocals effortlessly. The instruments play a good backdrop to the smooth and melodic lyrics Marinelli brings to life as he sings.

Each song has its own unique sound and Marinelli ends the album with a soft and somber “Good Night New York,” a very mellow and smooth song that brings a really good album to a close. From the beginning, many of the songs had a faster pitch, with harmonious rhythm and vocals before moving into a much slower pace.

Marinelli has done a fine job of bringing together his own style of music and making an album that is stirring for people who have followed his music for years.

His music takes on a type of soft rock feel that is influenced by the likes of The Beatles and Paul Simon. Wild Onions has a distinct rhythm that any fan of music could enjoy at any time.

Having a long career in music in which he has recorded with various artists, Marinelli’s album shows the type of talent and creativity he has when it comes to music. The album is brought to life with stirring strums of the guitar and a foot-tapping drum beat.

Songs I liked include “Dandelion,” “Hearts Don’t Break,” and “Baby You’re A Rich Man.” A video of Marinelli singing “Oh No, Not Love Again” is below.

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