Ghostbusters 30th anniversary: Funniest scenes

In 1984, the creative minds of Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis brought us the film Ghostbusters. It was a movie set in the heart of the 80’s and still looms large in the heart of many today. This weekend represents the 30th anniversary of the film.

Throw in the comedic-genius of Billy Murray and Rick Moranis, and something great turns into something special.

Written by Ramis and Akroyd, and directed by Ivan Reitman, the film follows three unemployed parapsychology professors through New York City as they fight the demons known as ghosts, according to

The movie was so popular that you could not turn a corner without seeing merchandise at every turn or hear the catchy tune by Ray Parker Jr, notes

Because many of the scenes are still warm within our hearts today, here is a short list of the few funniest:

Bill Murray gets slimmed

The straight-faced comedy of Bill Murray is perhaps the signature of “Ghostbusters funny.” The lack of seriousness in the actual serious situations of the film is what brings this plot to life.

In this scene, Dr. Peter Venkman (Murray) encounters a “Slimer” for the first time, and unfortunately lives to regret it.

The first encounter

What’s a Ghostbusters funny list without the actual first encounter? The unemployed doctors have yet to determine any real plan, real business or any sense of the idea of “fighting ghosts.” Yet they jump right in at this first encounter at the library.

Venkman meets Zul

Again, the straight faced Murray is brilliant in this scene. His current girlfriend is no possessed, and transformed into Zul. Zul is seeking the keymaster, and Murray’s interest is peeked immediately.

Moranis and pets do not mix

The classic party scene with Rick Moranis portrays a less than stellar character in Louis Tully (Moranis). He’s throwing an epic party (in his standards) and is completely in his element.

That is until somebody brings their dog.

Is this true?

One simple question leads to one simple answer, and Dr. Peter Venkman obliges.

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