Harley-Davidson announces its first electric motorcycle

Harley-Davidson, a company known for its well-built classic motorcycles, has designed its first electric motorcycle as part of its newest Project LiveWire.
According to NBC News, Harley-Davidson plans to debut its new electric motorcycle Monday, June 23rd at a special private event in New York. The company will also be taking several riders on a 30 city tour to take the motorcycle for a test drive and will tweak the bike according to their feedback. The motorcycle is futuristic in both its look and sound; it is sleek and shiny with a hum similar to an airplane when it takes off.

Mission Motors aided Harley-Davidson in creating the battery powered motorcycle. The motorcycle is powered by a mounted electric motor that is rated 74 hp with 52 lb-ft of torque and a H-D combustion engine. The motorcycle can also pick up speed rapidly and can accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph in just four seconds. The electronics prevent the motorcycle from reaching a speed over 92 mph, according to FOX News.

Harley-Davidson has been seeking to expand its market globally by reaching out to new audiences and introducing new products. It recently came out with a line of motorcycles that are low priced, the Street 500 and the Street 750, which appeal to new motorcyclists and old, Fox News reported. It is unknown at this time when the new electric motorcycle will hit the markets but the company expects that it will take a few more years.

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