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'I Wanna Marry 'Harry' season 1 episode 3 recap

It is another bright, sunny and beautiful day at the estate for the third episode with our fake Prince ‘Harry’. It is also an extremely early morning for some as it is nearly 6am when one of the butlers first enters the crown suite to find Kimberly in bed, where he informs her that she is to meet “sir” for a surprise date. After getting herself ready she comes outside to find a giant hot air balloon, designed with a huge British flag respectably on it, and Matt, aka ‘Harry’, waiting for her.

Kimberly is in shock; as this tends not to be a typical first date for many. The two go off on a ride where they get to spend one on one time. “I’m just excited I get to spend more time with him. I don’t care who he is,” she tells the cameras which gives many hope that she will be one of the few who make it to the end.

The second half of their date is spent in the woods on a small picnic with even a hammock for some light cuddling. “When I’m with him, it’s like I’m talking to a normal person,” Kim reflected, feeling at ease with Matt. And then just when it was all going so perfectly, another distraction occurs to stir up gossip. Someone dressed as a member of the paparazzi begins to take photos of Kimberly and Matt while they are standing around and the so-called Security, whisk over to send them off. They leave shortly after as their date coming to an end. Matt reflects to tell viewers that the only possible drawback to Kimberly is that she appears to have her guard up, but he hopes to break it down, as she is a wonderful girl.

While all of this is happening, the girls are enjoying a nice morning where Jacqueline, from the night before begins to regret the way she behaved. For those who may not remember, she came to Maggie’s defense against Anna Lisa and Meghan and called the pair, “the mean girls”. Turns out that while Jacqueline is talking to her roommate, Meghan is standing right outside the door and hears the entire conversation. So when Jacqueline opens the door and finds Meghan, it is round two for the girls.

Meghan enters the room to continue the conversation as Jacqueline accuses Meghan of constantly judging everyone in which Meghan responds with, “Well when you are making an a** of yourself then yeah I’m going to judge.”

“Harry would be ashamed there is such catty drama,” is a side comment Jacqueline makes at one point. It’s nice to see one of the contributors of said drama is willing to admit that is occurring. It is quite refreshing actually.

The girls are all outside when Kimberly returns and she is eager to share her five photos of fame story with the others. Once again the hush talk of ‘is this Prince Harry?’ begins.

The next day Matt, or should I say ‘Harry’s, butler arrives to inform Kelley, Meghan and Maggie that they will be going rowing with Matt for the day. In Matt’s opinion, he felt he does not know much about these girls at all and would like to give them a chance before he has to eliminate someone. What was great about this is that Matt is no expert at rowing and that made all three girls smile as he proves that he is not perfect at everything. As expected, the girls continue to attack Matt with questions to try and reveal more about his identity. Once they all are through and tired from that, Matt takes Kelley privately out on a rowboat to talk.

From here is where Kelley begins to downgrade herself, as she instantly becomes a girl who will do anything and everything to impress her potential Prince Charming. Earlier in the episode she discusses how she respects how ‘Harry’ is not giving everything away and really wants to get to know him but then when Matt asks her who her ideal British male is, she goes for it and spits out ‘Prince Harry’. Matt’s eyes go wide in a ‘she is convinced I am a royal’ manner and tells viewers how he really does not want anyone to get hurt from this.

Seriously? Leading on twelve girls to think you are someone other than yourself is going to hurt at least one of them. They are human!

And Kelley does get hurt as she backflips from the boat into the water and hits her head on the side of the boat. She waves it off like a champ by saying how her Prince Charming jumped in to save her.

The next part of the night’s episode featured a pool party complete with Matt rocking a look actual Prince Harry wore to Vegas once (none of the girls pick up on it). Matt to himself thinks about how he is in Heaven to be at a pool with all of these beautiful girls who he considers to be out of his league and then takes one, Meghan, to the hot tub. Meghan was truly a lucky one in this episode as she got to spend more time just chatting and in the end, she walked away with a pretty nice kiss from Matt.

Other highlights include Carley taking a spin on the DJ table where we see she does not like to be the center of attention, Chelsea teaching the girls how to twerk, and poor Kelley having her eyes glued to Matt the entire time, wanting all of the other girls to go away so she can be the only one with her Prince.

Yet the real gem of the episode might be the shining on Karina. Matt also takes her to the hot tub where he learns that she sort of has experience dating someone with a high profile. In the past she dated a famous professional soccer player and understands how difficult it can be to have a private life but is already adjusted to how things work in a high status of life. In addition she tells the cameras, and him, how she really likes him as a person and not once does she mention him being a Prince or holding any sort of title. Karina is a girl with a glint in her eye and a smile that could make anyone’s bad day brighter. One girl even calls her the largest piece of competition, as she is, “princess worthy.”

And Matt must have agreed as he ended up choosing her to move into the Crown Suite (the girl walks into the room and Kimberly pounces on her in a huge hug shouting, “I knew it would be you!” The girl is absolutely thrilled) and sent home Carley, the girl who shy’s away from attention. But things will be all right for her as she is going to finish off school; she even mentions that this kind of life does not impress her. She remains to be a great sport about the entire thing.

This weeks kudos go to this production team on really selling Matt and his royal image, it is impressive how they have done it. Also shout out to Maggie for her reaction to Meghan kissing Matt as she begins to get angry and shed a few tears out of jealousy. We have yet to see her form any kind of connection with him and she is telling the girls that she is truly falling for him. Hopefully she can pull herself together because it is getting old and we are only on episode three.

And for the best line from this week’s episode, it naturally goes to Maggie, for her priceless, “Am I an idiot or is this Prince Harry?” Priceless.

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