'I Wanna Marry Harry' Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Let me start by reminding everyone that this show would not be a Ryan Seacrest production if it did not contain so many dramatic pauses and camera shot changes. This will come into play later.

It is, not surprisingly, another beautiful morning and while Karina is enjoying her first morning in the Crown Suite, she is summoned to ‘Harry’s (Matt, which is what I’ll be calling him for the rest of this recap) private quarters for breakfast. The two enjoy a sweet conversation where Katrina initially appears she might be trying to get more answers out of him; she dials in back and decides to enjoy the day instead. She does find out that his birthday is coming back and then he goes to use the loo (bathroom for those who don’t know), and that is when Katrina falls into the trap.

A not so subtly placed photo of Matt and his fake brother, William, is sitting and staring straight at her. Like a smart girl she decided to investigate it and when Matt returned she asks about the evidence and he does confirm that is him and his brother. And that seals the deal for her. Of course the picture has been photoshopped to more resemble Matt than the actual Prince Harry and after she leaves, she does not want to necessarily spill all the details but does let the girls know that his brother looks just like William.
Kelley’s response to this? “I already knew it’s Prince Harry” Alright Kelley, we all know you are head over heels for the Prince but it is her who I worry the most for when the reveal occurs.

Afterwards the girls are taken out to the horse stables where they learn that Matt wants to spend more time with Chelsea and Maggie, two girls he has not really gotten to know a lot about and wants to give them a fair shot before eliminating either. For the other seven girls, it means cleaning up the stables by picking up the poop. Also known as ‘mucking’. It is never mentioned by Katrina is excluded from having to fulfill the duties and gets to observe, watch and encourage.

One can only imagine how the six girls who were left to do the dirty work felt about this arrangement. There was the wonderful Rose with, “I did not sign up for this”, whom I suppose was expecting nothing but lavish and fun times. And then Anna Lisa, “These hands are not made for mucking.” On the other side of the spectrum is Kelley who just jumps in and goes for it. Her being from the South came in her favor as she claims she is used to this and getting dirty. I could not help but chuckle at her bluntness with, “If there’s poop just clean it up!” She still has some charm to her. She even ends up with the title MVP: Most Valuable Pooper-Scooper.

Matt is off riding with Maggie and Chelsea and at first all seems all right. Matt admits to thinking Chelsea is down to heart and it is an admirable quality as Chelsea laments that yes the ‘Prince’ talk keeps happening, she does not care whom he is and just wants to enjoy getting to know him. You could not help but feel a warm spot in your heart for her as the number of girls decrease, the more worried you become about Matt finding someone who is willing to throw this whole prank aside to be with him. The three take a break from riding to have lunch and then the claws came out. Matt admits it was a tough lunch to get through since neither girl seemed willing to get along. Especially when Chelsea makes a small crack about how much Maggie enjoys her alcohol and Matt plays along saying he has seen her “wild side.” No one is really happy by the end.

Hours later, Maggie remains angry and airs out her grievances with the rest of the group and no one is really coming to her aid this time. Kimberly admits, “Maybe Maggie is too sensitive” as she feels that Chelsea did not make any comments to directly embarrass her or throw her under the bus. But if you’ve been watching the show for the past few episodes, Maggie will be Maggie.

Karina finally gets her time alone with Matt on their special date of a helicopter ride over London and then a private boat ride on the water. More diversions are created including fake Harry fans as they shout and snap photos of the two during their date all in the hopes of further convincing Karina that he is Prince Harry. The best part is she laughs it off and does not really pay attention to it and their date is a huge success. Matt really seems to like this girl and I approve 500%. He describes their connection as, “a fiery bang bang bang…. It’s really exciting” and wonders what he got himself into. She is one of the girls who I most wonder how she will react to the truth. And I really hope she embraces him for everything he is and is not. Matt likes her so much that he asks her to join him for drinks following dinner and they got very comfortable together. I was squealing for joy.

Then the shock happens when Chelsea, who had reached her point, asks to meet with Matt and tells him she is leaving. Throughout the episode there were numerous arguments between Chelsea and other girls (Meghan, Anna Lisa and Maggie) and after missing dinner the night before, she decided to remove herself from her grief. It was an incredibly brave and grownup thing for a 21-year-old to do that I admired. I truly wish, and I think Matt does as well, that we had gotten to see and learn more about her but she acknowledged that the environment she was in was toxic and decided to help herself by getting out. Before she does leave she hints to him, “It’s the girls who are always in your face.”

The show continues with Matt taking Anna Lisa aside to talk with her because she is not convinced of his fake identity. And she makes sure he knows it by hammering him with questions and she remains the same by the end of their conversation. The group does decide to have some fun with truth or dare in the hot tub and Rose’s very interesting Chicken Dance in front of the security man and who could forget Meghan’s claimed footsie session with Matt. But did it really happen or is Meghan just saying what she wants to believe?

At the end of the evening the girls suspect at dinner that perhaps Matt would not eliminate anyone since Chelsea left willingly and as per a typical Ryan Seacrest fashion, at first it appears so as Anna Lisa is asked to join Matt in the library. The girls sigh with relief but for any viewer, we knew what was really going on. No one was going to let the girl who wasn’t buying it to stay. And naturally a few moments later, Matt’s Butler returned to ask for Kelley to go to the gardens. Kelley starts to cry believing it is her who would be going home. If only she would see it from our view, in front of the screen.

Matt sends Anna Lisa home because she didn’t seem genuine enough for him. Sure that or she was not buying anything and needed to go to not develop further doubt. With that, Kelley gets her wish as she earlier said; “I just want to spend more time with him. I want to be in the Crown Suite” when Matt invites her to do as such.

The episode finishes with Kelley walking inside and saying, “I could be the perfect girlfriend, princess, wife, as long as he keeps giving me a chance.” We shall see Kelley, as this is going to be the best few days of her life as she has already fallen head over heels for the guy.

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