Jason Anick 'Tipping Point' album review

Jason Anick is an accomplished jazz violinist and his new album Tipping Point also makes use of the mandolin. He has also taught at Boston’s Berklee College of Music in addition to leading the Rhythm Future Quartet. Having traveled around the world for performances, it is clear Anick is on the path toward a successful career as a jazz violinist.

Regarding the album Tipping Point, Anick sought to bring diverse music together. According to his website, Anick says, “I wanted to show different sides of my playing and my writing. I see all the diverse musical influences as being interconnected. And there’s beauty in interconnections.”

With the instruments he has with his disposal, along with his knowledge and experience in jazz music, Anick’s album is a good listen for jazz lovers, new and old. The track “Minor Blues” is fast paced and moves seamlessly into “Peace,” which showcases the melodic tone of the violin.

The song “Occupy” begins with the slow strum of what sounds to be the mandolin and it slowly moves into a slightly more upbeat sound, and it is soothing on the ears. This work also won him 3rd place in the jazz category for an international songwriting competition.

The album is beautifully done and shows the different style of music that encompasses every song, making each one different but still coming together seamlessly.

The album does a fine job incorporating the sounds of the mandolin and the violin. There is a vibrant atmosphere when it comes to the music all listeners can enjoy. Even if one has never listened to jazz before, it still has a nice rhythm.

Since the songs are long, they could best be enjoyed during an evening dinner party or even after a long day while enjoying a good book. With Anick’s skill with the violin and the mandolin, this work is one that listeners will find soothing and fun to listen to since the instruments work together to create a lively, upbeat album.

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