'Jennifer Falls' recap: 'The Virginity Thief'

On this week's Jennifer Falls, Jennifer and Dina learned they both lost their virginity to the same guy on the same day. Meanwhile, after Stephanie's engagement ring is proven to be a fake, Wayne realized his mother never had faith in him.

Compared to last week's episode, this one was so much better because it focused more on Jennifer and Dina's friendship. Both women discovered they were played by the same guy which tested their friendship. However, they both realized friendship is more important than a guy who never respected them. Episodes like this an "Health Club" are why I like watching this show.

Dina and Jennifer were at the bar when Gretchen came in with a copy of Jennifer's high school yearbook. The two women remembered their time in school, until they noticed a man named Frank Perinsky. Jennifer direct addressed the audience saying she lost her virginity to him. Back at the bar, Dina stated she lost her virginity to Frank, surprising Jennifer. They both did the math and realized Frank played them by taking both their virginities with false promises. They planned revenge.

After the diamond from Stephanie's engagement ring fell out due to showing Jennifer how to properly wash a glass, she and Wayne took it to a jeweler only to discover it was a fake. Stephanie was upset over not being able to rub her ring in her friends' faces, while Wayne wanted to seek answers from his mother.

Jennifer and Dina took a cab to Frank's house to ruin his property. Both drunk, they threw rocks at his house. When they were out of ammunition, Jennifer threw his garden gnome at the window, causing Frank to investigate the noise outside.

Wayne and Stephanie confronted Maggie about the ring only to discover that the jeweler was right about the ring being fake. She had the real ring the entire time because she believed their marriage wouldn't last. Maggie was fond of Stephanie; it was Wayne she was unsure of. Wayne felt hurt that his mother had little faith in him. In a direct address, Wayne decided to play on Maggie's guilt in the hope of buying his love. He explained the plan to Stephanie which made her hope they would be going on a vacation.

Frank stopped by the bar after Jennifer left a "Wayne's Sports Bar" bag from their revenge attack. He apologized for his behavior, saying he should have asked her to be his girlfriend. Jennifer decided to give Frank another chance and started going out with him. Little did she know, he was also seeing Dina.

Both women had no idea Frank was using them again. Jennifer told Frank about Dina's love for candy corn, so he surprised her with it on their next date. He also brought Jennifer pepperoni sticks. Eventually through the Hootie and the Blowfish's "Only Want to Be with You" did the two women realize they were being played by Frank again. Gretchen came by the bar and reminded the women why they were friends in the first place. After they made up, a commercial for Frank's new sporting goods store appeared on the television screen. Jennifer and Dina thought of a way to ruin Frank for good.

Wayne stopped by Maggie's house as she offered to make things right between them. She promised him a second honeymoon to Hawaii in exchange for his forgiveness. He compared it to being on The Price Is Right when he talked with Stephanie about never accepting the first showcase, it's the second showcase you go for.

Jennifer and Dina went to Frank's store to speak with him. They discovered that one of his associates has also been seeing him, making them want revenge even more. They came up with a plan to ruin his store's grand opening. Jennifer and Dina separately approached Frank with an offer for privacy in the store. After speaking with his associate, he turned around to find Jennifer and Dina standing together with smiles on their faces. The three of them agreed to go back to his office for a three-way. When they finished undressing him, they shoved him out into the store and locked the door. Jennifer announced a big sale in the store causing Frank to lose profits.

Wayne and Stephanie met with Maggie to accept the vacation to Hawaii, but she let it slip that she would have given them something better. Wayne forgot about Hawaii and wanted to know about Maggie's better offer. She had written them a poem detailing her apology. Stephanie and Wayne were both upset, while Maggie informed the audience it was her plan all along to best her son.

After sabotaging Frank's opening, Jennifer and Dina decided to run down the list of men they both slept with in the hope they would avoid a conflict like this in the future. They agreed it was a stupid game when there were similarities in their lists, and they left the store.

Quote of the Week: "He ruined our grand opening, so we should ruin his," - Jennifer when discussing how to get back at Frank with Dina.

Jennifer Falls takes a break next week, but will return on July 9 when Dina catches Gretchen sneaking alcohol in the house.

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