'Jennifer Falls' Recap: 'Triangle'

This week's Jennifer Falls tested the limits of Jennifer's relationship with her new boyfriend, David. She wound up in a triangle with him and Maggie when it was discovered he was seeing her mother as a therapist. In a subplot, Wayne helped Gretchen deal with bullies from her school.

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Jennifer found one of her mother's patients in the kitchen searching for milk. She addressed the audience stating that her mom is a therapist with her own home office. "Sometimes I eat breakfast in the bathroom." Gretchen entered asking her mother about why Wayne wanted to bond with her. Jennifer stated he likeed to spend time with her and questioned why she wouldn't call him Uncle Wayne. Maggie arrived, and her patient, Shirley said they were out of almond milk. Maggie joked that she hoped there was no traffic before going to her office. Jennifer asked about Gretchen making friends at school, but she shrugged her off.

Jennifer and Dina were at the bar when they noticed a beer delivery guy. They eyed him for a moment before Jennifer decided to make a move. Dina attempted to stop her, but she went anyway. Jennifer walked up to the delivery guy and started kissing him. "I didn't know it was that easy," Dina stated in approval.

Dina approached Jennifer and the delivery guy, hoping for a turn at kissing him. Jennifer introduced him as David and explained they were dating for three weeks. They eyed him some more as he carried the beer keg around the bar.

Wayne and Gretchen were eating ice cream when a group of girls approached them and started making fun of her. Wayne tried to defend her, but they laughed and walked off. Gretchen pointed out Wayne had chocolate sprinkled on his face.

Jennifer and Dina discussed David's lack of opening up to her. Jennifer said they have an active sex life but wanted to learn more about him.

Jennifer and David were in bed when she asked about his life. She ended up making up facts about him the next day when Dina met her at the bar. Jennifer said she will try again with him.

She was surprised to find David in her kitchen. David thought she was one of Maggie's patients, until she arrived and introduced her daughter to him. Jennifer and David were both shocked.

Jennifer asked Maggie about why she was seeing her boyfriend. "Of course, you're Rebound Girl." She tried to firewall Jennifer, but ended up spilling details about David anyway. Seriously, Maggie? You don't understand the concept of confidentiality? Jennifer wanted to know how her mother got him to open up. She went crazy when Maggie refused to divulge the "except for." Jennifer direct addressed the audience, stating David had a right to his privacy.

Dina stood guard at Maggie's office while Jennifer went through her patient records. Maggie returned, so Jennifer hid in the closet, while Dina pretended to require therapy.

Wayne addressed the audience about knowing how to talk to teenage girls. He approached the girls that made fun of Gretchen, but they laughed at him again. Stephanie later asked him what was wrong, and he told her about the girls laughing at him.

Dina spoke to Maggie about how selfish and controlling Jennifer could be, while she hid in the closet to listen. When they got out, Jennifer went through David's file. Dina pointed out that he was able to open up to Maggie and not her.

David and Jennifer were in bed as she tried to get him to open up again. He claimed he was talked out and went to sleep. Jennifer was annoyed. She stormed her mother's office as she fought her over David. She gave him an ultimatum: Maggie's therapy or a relationship with her. Jennifer ran out to Dina's OPS truck and exclaimed that David chose Maggie.

Stephanie approached the girls acting friendly. She addressed the audience about her plan to "out-mean them." She attacked each of the girls with the mean girl stereotype that suited them.

Maggie gloated about David making healthy decisions. Jennifer continued to eat her cucumbers and started to walk to her room in defeat. David arrived announcing he was giving up therapy. He wanted to pursue a relationship with Jennifer. It turned out the "except for" was he felt unworthy of Jennifer. They resumed their relationship, much to Maggie's chagrin.

David started to open up to Jennifer, and we saw through a passage of time that Jennifer was fed up with him talking too much. She able to see that he really did need therapy.

The girls tried to be friendly to Gretchen, until Wayne showed up, announcing he got the girls in trouble. After they left in disgust, Gretchen yelled at Wayne and stormed off. He was just happy she referred to him as Uncle Wayne.

Jennifer and Maggie talked about how David needed to heal more. "Of course dear, why do you think he was in court-ordered therapy?" Jennifer was taken aback that Maggie was looking out for her in the end. Maggie warned her to stay away from one of her other patients, which Jennifer complied.

This episode was interesting because it's the first time we are exposed to Jennifer's love life and Gretchen's school life. It was amusing that the triangle turned out to be Jennifer, Maggie, and David. I also enjoyed the focus on Wayne and Gretchen's relationship seeing as they are uncle and niece. This show continues to subvert my expectations, making it fun to watch, especially if you're a Jaime Pressly or Missi Pyle fan. I look forward to other themes the show explores including deception featured in next week's episode.

Quote of the Week: I called your parents and told them how you behaved to me and Gretchen, and guess what's waiting for you at home? Spoiler alert, you're all grounded! How do I smell now?" - Wayne when he told the girls off.

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