Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez have their long awaited dance (Video)

Jimmy Fallon had Jennifer Lopez on his show and he finally got the dance he had been hoping for. Of course, this means Jennifer Lawrence is still in the lurch.

Photo Credit: INFphoto.com

On a previous episode of his talk show, Jennifer Lawrence was on and they argued over a story about what happened the night they attempted to dance with Jennifer Lopez, who apparently snubbed them that night.

New York Daily News reports Lopez came on The Tonight Show in order to promote her new album A.K.A. Fallon recounted for her what happened the night of the Met Gala in New York on May 5th. As he described the encounter, he called it “a JLaw, J.Lo, JFal production.”

Lopez liked the idea and remembered that at that moment, Kanye West was going to perform and everyone was heading for the stage, calling it a “mosh pit.” The singer was sitting at a booth with her manager and entourage.

E! News reported that Lopez had only heard about the story once Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon discussed it on the show.

Lopez explained she truly did not mean to dis Lawrence, but that it was very crazy on the dance floor and she wanted to stay at the booth, but she did notice how sad Lawrence appeared.

When Fallon asked her to dance, they shared a few moves before Fallon danced alone.

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