Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez - together again!

For those who were wondering – yes, Selena and Justin (“Jelena”) are back on and together once again.

The young adult couple, which has been on and off again since 2010 are back together, officially, as they spent the past couple of days on a mini adventure in Los Angeles where they were seen on Bieber’s motorcycle and attending a birthday party for a mutual friend, Alfredo Flores’. The two are seen in an Instagram video posted by rapper Khalil at Bootsy Bellows, a popular spot in L.A., with the birthday boy enjoying themselves in the private back room while sparklers and cake was delivered.

Multiple sources told Us Weekly that the two “looked like a couple” and were “all over each other” while one source says not to expect the reunion to last for long. “Now they are together again, next week they won’t be” said the source but insists that even when not together, the two still remain in decent contact.

Not everyone is thrilled for the return of this couple as TMZ comments on the relationship with, “Selena was right about needing rehab… she’s addicted to Bieber.”

See the video below.

Video via Instagram from >Khalil

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