Lyonn releases EP 'Promenade'

Lyonn is also known as Tyler Gelrud and he has released his new EP Promenade, a four track album that is a mixture of smooth ballads mixed together with the mellow vocals this alternative singer brings to the music.

The music on his album has been influenced by moments in Lyonn’s life and they take on different themes when it comes to the lyrical content. Opening with “Dancing Machine,” this song content is about taking the lead with one’s love who loves to dance. “Midnight Mind” focuses on the feelings the singer has about a woman and the sense of longing he has for her.

“Just Say Hello” is about wanting to say hello to someone you can’t stop thinking about after seeing them while walking down the street. Lyonn’s music takes on a life of its own, with his smooth vocals blending with the upbeat sounds brought in by the music.

Ending the album is the track “Sing You To Sleep,” a moving ballad that expresses the desire to hold the one you love as they sleep and how the singer sees a future in them. The album is very easy to get into, with smooth music and lyrics that bring a story to life.

One can get into the music since they take on themes of love and longing that anyone may experience. With his music, Lyonn has put together an EP that contains different themes encompassed in the lyrics and sound. His smooth vocals also make this an album that is easy to listen to and it is clear he has many stories in his mind to put into his music.

The video below shows a live performance of “Dancing Machine.”

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