Max Landis allegedly writing 'Ghostbusters 3' (report)

Screenwriter Max Landis made quite splash in Hollywood when Chronicle came out in February 2012. With that film's success, the writer has been given more than a few properties to gnaw his teeth into. And, apparently, one of those properties is now writing the upcoming Ghostbusters 3. started spreading more rumors today with this report. Landis is apparently working on the script with a three-week turnaround. With that timeline in mind, one source of Nikki's says that the screenwriter is "doing more of a 'polish' than a Page 1 rewrite." He says they won't be "huge changes."

Apparently, Landis got the job after Sony saw some of Victor Frankenstein, the latest film he wrote, from Fox and "loved it." After directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller (The Lego Movie, 22 Jump Street) apparently passed on working on the film after looking at the script, the people over at Sony are hoping to reshape the script before it can go into production. At the moment, it looks as though director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), who has been rumored to direct the movie, is "not seriously in the mix at this point."

As far as the project stands right now, this is what the article says about the studio's position on the film: "Word is that the execs are mostly happy with it and believe that “all the parts are there, as in beats, structural mechanics, etc, but they’re not all doing their jobs."

Of late, Nikki Finke's track record has been a bit stetch-y, to say the least. Her reports that Father of the Bride: Part III was in the works appears to be false, while her rumored list of upcoming DC/Warner Bros. projects was true. What side of truth this story stands will have to be determined in the near future.

In addition to Victor Frankenstein, Max, son of the famous filmmaker John Landis, also has writing credits for upcoming films like action-comedies American Ultra, set to be released next year, Good Time Gang and Mr. Right in various stages of development. Additionally, Landis also finished work on his directorial debut Me Him Her, which he also wrote, and will have it release into theaters either sometime this year or next.

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