Neymar's underwear catches FIFA's attention

Who knew that wearing the wrong kind of underwear while playing soccer could get you in trouble?

Apparently players in the World Cup knew, especially Neymar who violated the rules.

According to Yahoo Sports, Neymar was trading shirts with a Cameroon player after Brazil defeated them 4-1 when the band of his underwear was exposed.

FIFA launched an investigation on whether or not Neymar flashing his underwear was intentional and unsanctioned.

In other words, free marketing is not allowed.

Players are only allowed to wear a brand that is sponsoring the 2014 World Cup, right down to the undergarments, reported CBC.

While FIFA is focused on Neymar’s underwear, fans were wondering how Luis Suárez has not been suspended for a biting incident.

During the match between Chile and Uruguay, the Uruguayan player bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini, reported CBS News.

Neymar’s underwear flashing seems to be on the top of FIFA’s investigation list.
Suarez has a history of biting in the past.

For Neymar, this is his second underwear offense.

Image via Twitter from tam.

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