Nico & Vinz' international hit single 'Am I Wrong' review

Nico Sereba and Vincent Dery have been making music together since 2009. Before their current name “Nice & Vinz,” the two went by “Envy,” under which they released an EP and an album. It wasn’t until the Norwegian duo released their international hit “Am I Wrong,” off of their album Black Star Elephant, that they finally broke through. It is currently ranked 4th on iTunes top 100, but I suspect, and hope that, it will climb a number one or two.

A guitar reminiscent of The Police, specifically like the guitar from “Message in a Bottle” slowed down, starts the song off. The rest of the accompaniment is percussion but, it has a more West African dance sound than one would find in a Police song. The song is about going against the grain and not letting what other people do dictate your actions. The chorus indicates that he is saying these things in regard to a girl that he feels he could have something real with. "Forget what they think, we could have something real. Am I wrong?"

The music video takes place in Africa and focuses on the beauty and life of the culture. Throughout the course of the video the two try and find each other by looking for a signal on some sort of television. In the end, they meet up and the face of the other appears on the screen as if the signal was coming from the other. On their travels, however, the television is often set aside to play soccer or have a campfire. This aspect of the television is a reiteration of the lyrics. "Don’t simply sit around watching TV and conforming, go out, be different, be wild, live life. Am I wrong?"

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