Ohio woman dies after being hit by propeller

A woman in Ohio is found dead after a spinning airplane propeller caused a fatal injury. Sarah Rhoads, 24, died on Tuesday.

"Moving propellers are loud but you don't really see them," said Tim Epperhart, a flight trainer, according to Reuters. "You can look at them and stare right through them."

Rhoads died at a Dayton hospital. She suffered injuries at Middletown Regional Airport, about 40 minutes north of Cincinnati. They are reporting that the she was conscious when she was flown to the hospital in Middletown. Medical professionals said that she suffered severe head injuries.

Rhoads worked at Start Skydiving as an office manager for three years. Start Skydiving is located near airport where Rhoads suffered the fatal injury. This was a first major accident for Start Skydiving. Owner John Hart said that it is difficult to see the blades of the propeller, and that could have contributed to the incident.

According to KNOE, the Federal Aviation Administration says it will investigate the accident. The coroner’s office said that they will be performing an autopsy this Wednesday.

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