Phoenix Catholic church shooting leaves priest dead, another injured

A shooting at a Phoenix, Arizona Catholic church Thursday left The Rev. Kenneth Walker dead and The Rev. Joseph Terra with injuries.

Late Wednesday night, Terra made a 911 call, saying that a burglary was in progress at the Mother of Mercy Mission Catholic Church, Phoenix Police Department Sgt. Steve Martos said, according to CNN.

The suspect was gone by the time police arrived and Walker was fatally injured and eventually died while at the hospital. Terros was physically assaulted and was unable to speak much about the incident.

Sgt. Martos said, "Hopefully, once that individual receives treatment and is able to pull through, we can gather more information."

NBC News reports that police only really have "strong physical evidence" in their search for the shooter, since the church doesn't have security cameras.

At a press conference Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia noted they were searching the area, but "What we're lacking right now is concrete suspect information."

No information on what might have been stolen from inside the church has been reported, only that a green 2003 Mazda Tribute was taken, but later found by police abandoned.

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