Police find Miley Cyrus' stolen Maserati, undamaged

The Los Angeles Police Department revealed on Monday that they were able to find Miley Cyrus' stolen Maserati after it was stolen sometime during the weekend.

According to law enforcement who exclusively talked with TMZ first, the high-end sedan was located after someone called in about the car sitting abandoned on a street in Simi Valley. The 2014 Quattroporte was discovered to be undamaged.

Police are currently looking for any evidence that might have been unwittingly left behind by the thieves, along with security footage at Cyrus' home.

As previously reported, the expensive car and jewelry were stolen from the controversial pop star's home over the weekend. It hasn't been reported how much jewelry the thieves got away with.

The break in was discovered by an assistant who went to the house late Saturday night. She immediately called police, who reported that there didn't appear to be any signs of forced entry into Cyrus' home.

image courtesy of Zak Hussein/INFphoto.com

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