'Pretty Little Liars' Infographic - Who's been threatened by A?

The relationships between characters on Pretty Little Liars may change from week to week, but the liars always have one enemy: A. A will send them threatening messages, helpful hints and even creepy little dolls.

A has been a constant in the liars’ lives since the first episode. In each of the four seasons, A has tortured them. While it was revealed that the original A was Mona, it has since changed that the girls have no idea who A is. To see 10 of A’s worst threats, click here.

A has sent texts to all of the liars and has even sent a few to Alison. A originally targeted Alison before the series started but only started threatening the other girls after a body was discovered in Alison’s backyard.

A has threatened their lives, their loved ones’ lives, their relationships and has even threatened to reveal secrets that will destroy their reputation and lies. While A typically takes the girls’ secrets, sometimes A tries to frame them or simply scare them with lies.

TheCelebrityCafe.com has made a graph of reveal the number has of threats by A. The count is divided by season and girl. Hanna has the most threats followed by Spencer. Alison, A’s original target, has the fewest amount of threats.

Graphic courtesy of Angela Bode

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