'Reading Rainbow' Kickstarter now past $3 million mark, establishes 'strech goals'

When LeVar Burton reached out to members of the online community to help bring back his PBS children's program Reading Rainbow, it would seem unlike that he would expect the project to have been as successful as it was. Having already reached its one million goal in just a mater of hours.

With this success, the Kickstarter has only expanded, now having passed the $3 million mark, as Burton and his crew have decided to re-adjust their plans with their new-found success.

Hoping to bring long-running, award-winning literacy program to a new, digital generation, Burton has noted on the project's Kickstarter that they are introducing "stretch goals" which will allow the funds earned to expanded their reach to 7,500 classrooms, as well as introduce Reading Rainbow to the web, but also to mobile, Android, consoles and OTT boxes.

More information and details are provided on the Kickstarter page, as well as on their website.

Considering that the project has already earned three times its goal with 31 days still left to go, it is not hard to imagine that Burton will be successful in making these "stretched goals" a reality from "viewers like you."

More details on this should become available in the days to come.

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