Sandra Bullock gets emergency protective order against burglar

Sandra Bullock is not one to mess with especially after her recent burglar incident. She has taken legal action against the man who broke into her home early Sunday morning.


The Oscar winning actress got an emergency protective order against Joshua Corbett, the man who broke into her home while her and her 4 year old son were at home, reports TMZ.

"Everyone involved in the incident are fine," Bullock's publicist told People. "Bullock it taking legal action to ensure the safety of her family."

However, the break in may have been more than what meets the eye. The 39-year-old intruder is rumored to have kept a diary about Bullock and was borderline obsessed with her. At a time when Bullock's security is considered the best in Hollywood it would take an extremely plotted plan to get into her house.

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