Seth MacFarlane pledges $1 million to 'Reading Rainbow'

Reading Rainbow ‘s host LeVar Burton is campaigning to bring back the old show and Seth MacFarlane has helped make that possible by pledging $1 million to the campaign.
Anyone who was a child from 1983 to 2009 was more than likely exposed to the PBS show that helped encourage children to read. Burton began the Reading Rainbow app two years ago to help increase literacy in children.
Burton made the announcement of MacFarlane’s pledge on his Kickstarter page.
The website shows that $4 million has already been pledged. In the video on the Kickstart page, Burton acknowledged how important the pledges were.
"It's going to give us the ability to give the Reading Rainbow product away to many more classrooms in need. This is huge,” said Burton.
Burton told CNN that any additional money will help the service be universal and spread the products to more schools.
The original goal of the Kickstart page was $1 million.

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