Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder

Finally and direct from ABC's Shark Tank comes the Squirrel Boss; a truly humane, innovative and interactive squirrel proof bird feeder. It runs on remote control and from the comfort of your home. This product puts you back in control of your back yard. If the unwanted squirrel attempts feeding from the bird feeder a slight and totally harmless shock (tingle) will send him on his way without harm. This is no more harmful to an animal then the electric fence for dogs. The product is totally safe and can only be activated by the owner via remote control.

Squirrel Boss is made with stainless steel metal. In the box comes the feed tube, a/c charger, remote control, batteries, remote holder and stainless steel feeding stations.
The product was born in the Poconos, Pennsylvania where its creator was faced with the dilemma of really enjoying bird watching and having the squirrels grab all the feed. Now we can have it all.

Squirrel Boss retails for $98.00 but can purchased at the amazing sale price of $49.00 by visiting www.squirrelboss.com.

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