St. Louis Cardinals' Matt Adams hits two home runs against Colorado Rockies

St. Louis Cardinals first basemen Matt Adams lead his team to victory in a game against the Colorado Rockies. Contributing two homeruns and six RBI’s in the process. The infielder attributes his recent success to being discipline in the batters box. Adams suggests that he does not go after pitches he does not want to hit. He has a gage of were he wants pitchers to throw the ball, over the plate.

"It's just a continuation of how I've felt recently. The big thing that I'm happy about is I'm laying off the sliders and the curveballs from the lefties. I'm trying to make them come over the plate a little bit more instead of chasing what they want me to chase," said Adams, reported by ESPN.

Cardinal’s manager Mike Matheny made a flamboyant comment when asked about Adams performance. He said early on in the season he was telling his players to just hit for singles. Now
Matheny is suggesting otherwise.

"All of a sudden we told him it's OK to hit home runs. Early on, we were telling them just wait for singles.” said Matheny, according to

The St. Louis Cardinals have a record of 42-35, which leaves them four and a half games out of first place and second in the Central Division. With Adams adding performances such as the impressive one he had against the Rockies, the Cardinals are well on their way to making a run for the first place spot in the Central Division.

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