Tedashii 'Below Paradise' album review

Over the years, Christian music has evolved. Subgenres are connecting Christian music to other genres. If you do not focus on the lyrics, it can be difficult to tell the difference between Secular music and Christian music. I notices this blend in Tedashii’s music. Southern Christian Rapper, Tedashii released his fourth studio album Below Paradise Tuesday, May 27, 2014. Below Paradise is not like his other albums, Tedashii son died in a car crash in 2013. He was only one years old. The album art symbolizes his son’s death. As he sits against the burning car, He knows his son is in a better place, but the pain and distance in his eyes shows he has a lot to get off his chest.

During an interview with Cross Rhythm, Tedashii said, “In March 2013 I had the worst day of my life. The loss of my son changed me forever…The reality of being a Christian and suffering so harsh a thing was hard for me to grasp. This album is my journal shared publicly with everyone during this difficult journey…I pray this will be an album that all can feel, even if you can't relate, and be moved to true emotions about the reality of life in a harsh world with a loving God, below paradise." Below Paradise has been on the Billboard 200 list for two weeks. It is holding on to # 17. Based on his position, people are relating to his album.

His son’s death has a major influence on the album; however, death is not the only theme in the album. The 17 track album discusses love, relationships, faith, and sin as well. Losing someone you love does impact your relationships with others. Those in mourning have to accept death and move on at their own pace. It can be difficult for friends, family, and loved one’s to understand this.

“Love Never Leaves Ft. Natalie Lauren” talks about couples going through dark times in their relationships. It’s hard, frustrating, and disheartening. Both are reaching their breaking points. Neither wants to give up, but they do not know how to fix it. There is no happy conclusion to this song. In my opinion, the song is a reminder that love is there. It can be found.

If you are a parent, “Chase Ft. Tim Halperin” will make you cry. This song is dedicated to his son. A parent’s worst nightmare is burying their child. Babies are full of unconditional love. He talks about those precious moments parents have with their children. Tedashii is thankful and blessed for the time he had with his son. The contrast of Tedashii and Tim Halperin’s vocals bring out the pain in the lyrics. The piano and string instruments add the final touch to an emotional track.

Believe it or not, there are tracks on here that will make you want to dance. One of those is “Earthquake Ft. KB”. It sounds like a club banger to me. The base is on point and the electronic beat is perfect. Instead of vulgar lyrics, you hear both artist praising God. In my opinion, this song shows that there are Christian artists that can take elements from worldly music without losing their message. This is a bonus track; you will have to purchase the entire album to hear this song. This would make a great music video. Hopefully, Tedashii will put it into consideration.

Though the album is full of pain and sorrow, there are encouraging and uplifting songs as well. You can’t sit in loss forever. It will consume you. However, you cannot ignore it either. Below Paradise is an emotional journey with a light at the end of the tunnel. Below Paradise is available on iTunes and Amazon. You can also pick up a copy at a local FamilyChristian, LifeWay, and Mardel, and select Walmart’s. Also, you can connect with Tedashii on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr

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