Terrorists storm Pakistani airport killing 28 people

Late Sunday night, heavily armed Taliban members, stormed Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan.

The militants intended to enter the terminal and destroy the parked planes, CNN, reported.

The terrorists were dressed in airport security personnel clothing.

Of the 10 terrorists involved in the attack, two were strapped with suicide vests which they set off when security forces came close.

Airport security personnel blocked the attackers as they were headed to the terminal. In the process they lost their lives.

According to USA Today, 28 people died including the 10 attackers, and 24 were injured. At least 10 members of the security forced were killed in the attack.

Those who were on planes were locked in while the airport was under siege.
No planes were damaged in the attack

The Pakistani Taliban commander, Abdullah Bahar, warned that this attack was only the beginning.

“As long as we are breathing, our attacks will be continuing ‘till the end of our lives,” he said.

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