Texas home worth $700K hanging over lake will be burned down

The homeowners of a 700K villa that’s hanging on a cliff over a lake in Texas, have decided to burn it down after ruling out the possibility of getting it to stable ground.
Last Wednesday a large piece of land gave way beneath the property and fell into a lake in Whitney, Texas. The home was left dangling dangerously over the cliff.

Although the home is currently unoccupied, as the homeowners have abandoned it two weeks ago, it was declared unsafe over a year ago after a crack had been discovered in the cliff beneath the home, Business Insider reports.

The home was built in 2008 and bought by homeowner, Rob Webb in 2012. According to USA Today, Webb remains devastated because he spent his retirement savings to buy the home. He will have to pay for the demolition out of pocket because the insurance does not cover earth movement.

The home will be set on fire at 10 a.m. today.

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