Top 10 Casey Kasem Animated TV Series

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As a kid, did you notice that some cartoon characters sounded similar to others. This is because voice actors are recognized by their voice, not their face. As a result, they can bring life to all types of animated characters. If they can change the gender of their voice, they can voice male and female characters.
Sunday, June 15, 2014, the world lost one of the greatest American voice actors. In addition, Casey Kasem’s family shared his last moments on Father’s Day. Sadly, Casey Kasem was born into the Great Depression. He was born in Detroit, Michigan on April 27, 1932. Despite this, Casey Kasem thrived in the entertainment industry.
Though he is known for being a disc jockey, Kasem spent over fifty years of his life as a voice actor. In his career, Kasem voiced multiple characters in TV series. Sometimes he voiced a few characters in one show. Kasem has done many television movies as well. During mourning, it is important to celebrate the deceased life work.
[New Page=10. The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo ]
10. The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo
The show only aired for a year. Mr. Magoo covered different historical events and short stories. It is unknown who Kasem voiced, but it was his first voiced character in a television series.

[New Page=9. The Batman/ Superman Hour ]
9. The Adventures of Batman
In this 60s cartoon, Kasem was Robin, Dick Grayson, and the Mayor. He did all three voices in 17 episodes. Each voice has its own personality. It is an accomplishment to juggle all three for one season. If you want to see the whole season, you can purchase it at Amazon

[New Page=8. Hot Wheels ]
8. Hot Wheels
Believe it or not, this toy had its first cartoon in 1969. The idea came directly from the toys commercials. Today, these toys are geared towards toddler to preteen boys. However, the plot for this series revolves around high school students.

[New Page=7. Cattanooga Cats ]
7.Cattanooga Cats
Casey Kasem was very busy in 1969. In this animated cat series, he voiced Groovy.

[New Page=6. Josie and the Pussy Cats & Josie and the Pussy Cats: In Outer Space ]
6. Josie and the Pussy Cats & Josie and the Pussy Cats: In Outer Space
It turns out that Josie and the Pussy Cats had two television series. Kasey voiced Alexander Cabot III in both series.

[New Page=5. The Super Friends ]
5. The Super Friends
Three Super Friends series were released in the 70s and 80s. Those were Super Friends, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, and Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show. This time, Kasem voiced Robin and Dick Grayson. Occasionally, he voiced guest characters.

[New Page=4. The Transformers ]
4. The Transformers
This show was on the air for 4 years. Kasem voiced Teletraan I, Cliffjumper, and Bluestreak. Sometimes all three were in one episode. Overall, the series had 60 episodes. This is pretty good considering how long the other television series lasted on this list.

[New Page=3. Sesame Street ]
3.Seasame Street
Kasem voiced characters on Sesame Street many times. He was in a total of six from 1971 to 1990. He was the Blue Man in ‘Q for Quarters’ cartoon, Fly, and Robin.

[New Page=2. Tiny Toon Adventures ]
2. Tiny Toon Adventures
In this series, Kasem voiced Flakey Fakem. This character only appeared once in 1991. The episode was called “Here’s Hamton” and you can watch it here or purchase it on Amazon

[New Page=1. Scooby Doo ]
1. Scooby Doo
There are so many Scooby Doo television series, they could fill this top 10. Instead of separating them, were celebrating all of them in the number one spot. Let’s face it, Casey Kasem is best known for his animated role as Shaggy and Scooby Doo! Who knew Scooby Doo: Where Are You! would inspire multiple series and movies.

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