Top 10 Celebrity mustaches

One of the most recognizable looks a celebrity can have are what is on their face. No, it’s not their winning smile or the piercing eyes that leave us captivated, but it is their facial hair.

According to the Facebook page of Turner Classic Movies, today is Moustache Monday. Over the years in Hollywood, we have seen the classic moustache looks in many movies.

Often times, an actor will be recognizable for this particular feature. For instance, Burt Reynolds has been sporting the moustache look for a majority of his career. But lately, stars who are normally clean-shaven are sporting the classic moustache.

In the cases of the celebrities listed here, some are still sporting their moustaches while others are recently clean-shaven. However, they have sported amazing looks when it came to their facial hair appearance.

In honor of Moustache Monday, we are taking a look at some of the top ten male celebrities who are currently gracing us with the moustaches on their features. Which celebrity do you think wears their moustache well?

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10. Hugh Jackman

These days, Hugh Jackman is sporting a full beard to go with his moustache, however he does wear it well. He is very handsome clean shaven as well, but he looks very classic with the moustahce look he is sporting lately.

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9. James Franco

James Franco has both a light beard and moustache and he looks great. The moustache is thin and neat without covering his entire face, making him look handsome with his facial hair.

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8. Ryan Gosling

Displaying a barely there moustache, Ryan Gosling looked handsome at the Cannes Film Festival back in May for the premiere of his movie Lost River. The simple, understated sign of facial hair on Ryan was clean and looked great.

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7. David Beckham

David Beckham sported a beard and moustache in May and he looked incredibly sexy with his facial hair.

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6. Josh Hartnett

With just the hints of a beard on his chin and a light moustache on his face, Josh Hartnett looked amazing with facial hair.

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5. Colin Farrell

Earlier this year, Colin Farrell showed off his facial hair in the form of a moustache that covered his upper lip very finely and he also had some hair beneath his lower lip and on his chin. The handsome actor looks great with facial hair.

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4. Tom Hanks

He may be clean shaven now, but Tom Hanks had a moustache for a while and the actor wore his very well. With just a dark, thin line across his upper lip, Hanks looked classic with his moustache.

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3. Johnny Depp

While he is clean shaven now, Johnny Depp sported a mustache and light beard for quite some time, leaving him with a signature look recently. He wears a moustache very well and he always kept it neat and classy.

Photo Credit: Peter West/ACE/

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2. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt recently showcased a more clean cut look than what he has recently had. With just a gray patch of hair near his chin and a moustache curling down near the sides of his mouth, Pitt looks classy with his appearance.

Photo Credit: Peter West/ACE/

[new page= Robert Downey Jr.]

1. Robert Downey Jr.

The handsome actor who we know as Iron Man recently shaved his feature-grabbing moustache and light beard, but he wore his moustache in a very classy and elegant way. With just a touch of hair on the underside of his chin and coming up to the center, his moustache was also clean cut, making his already handsome features stand out.

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