Top 10 Corn Recipes

Summer time is coming and that means barbecues, grilling, and plenty of delicious food will be coming our way. Usually when we think of summer, we think of hamburgers, hot dogs, and potato salad. Oh, and corn on the cob of course.

Corn season is here and it is one of the tastiest vegetables out there. You can do just about anything with corn and it can go into many delicious recipes. Plus, it’s fun to eat, especially when you have corn holders to make sure you don’t get your hands messy.

From corn salads to plain old corn on the cob, this delicious, sweet, and healthy treat is a satisfying choice to side with barbecue chicken or any other meal you are planning to make. As we get ready for another hot summer, let’s take a look at the many different recipes that we can use for corn.

We’re counting down the top ten recipes that will have your taste buds craving corn in an instant. What are your favorite corn recipes?

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10. Sweet corn salsa

One thing we all love is salsa to eat either with our meal or as an appetizer with some chips. This tasty side dish is perfect for eating with tortillas or it can even be used as a topping for any food you’d like. The addition of jalapenos, red onion, cilantro, lime, and sea salt will get your taste buds moving.

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9. Grilled corn salad with black beans, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

Another tasty side dish, this is a grilled corn salad recipe with black beans, tomatoes, and bell peppers. Grilled corn is delicious and added with other tasty ingredients to make a delicious and healthy side is a great way to begin a summer meal.

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8. Potato corn chowder soup

This yummy soup can either serve as a starter to a meal or as its own meal. With the addition of onion, potatoes, and broth to this corn chowder, it is sure to bring everyone to the table. You could even add bread of your choice to dip into the chowder, if you would like.

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[new page= Stacked sweet corn, bean, and beef casserole]

7. Stacked sweet corn, bean, and beef casserole

From Better Homes and Gardens comes a delicious dinner dish with tortillas, corn, bean, and beef. Plus, with the addition of chorizo sausage, garlic, cheese, and spices, this is a yummy dinner that has everyone’s favorites in one dish.

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[new page= Sausage and corn chowder]

6. Sausage and corn chowder

Another corn chowder recipe, this one comes with yummy sausage. With the addition of sausage, potatoes, and corn, this is a tasty recipe all will enjoy.

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[new page= Grilled corn salad with cilantro-honey-lime vinaigrette]

5. Grilled corn salad with cilantro-honey-lime vinaigrette

Another corn salad recipe, this comes with a sweet and flavorful cilantro, honey, and lime vinaigrette. Add cherry tomatoes, green onions, and a bell pepper, this will be one tasty treat everyone will love as a side dish, or even as a salsa.

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[new page= Grilled chicken and corn salad with avocado and Parmesan]

4. Grilled chicken and corn salad with avocado and Parmesan

This delicious recipe has everything, from protein in the chicken to the yummy, and very healthy, avocado topped with Parmesan. This is perfect for a side dish or even as the main meal on a nice summer afternoon or evening.

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[new page= BBQ Grilled corn , jalapeno, and peach quinoa salad]

3. BBQ grilled corn, jalapeno, and peach quinoa salad

There appears to be a theme going here and it seems to be that corn is definitely great to serve as a salad. This recipe has quiona, grilled corn, jalapenos, BBQ sauce for the dressing, and the juicy, sweet taste of a summer peach. This recipe can either be served warm or cool and it is perfect for a summer day.

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[new page= Smoky bacon corn chowder]

2. Smoky bacon corn chowder

Chowder is the perfect soup to make during the cool seasons, but this tasty bacon corn chowder recipe could be made either as a side or a meal in itself. With the taste of bacon, potatoes, and paprika, along with the shredded cheese, this yummy soup is perfect for a meal that adds in your favorite sweet corn treat.

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[new page= Herb grilled corn on the cob]

1. Herbed grilled corn on the cob

Corn on the cob is sweet, delicious, and fun to eat. With this recipe, you grill the corn with the husks still on and the butter mixture contains basil, parsley, and salt. This delicious treat is a wonderful side to any summer party.

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