Top 10 Favorite Robots

With Transformors: Age of Extinction at the top of theater box offices this weekend, let’s take some time to look back at some other famous robots. Robots are often portrayed as intelligent machines that can either be a human’s best friend or worst enemy. In Transformers, we see both robots trying to destroy the human race and those willing to save it. They can make great sidekicks as long as they don’t turn against us. For example, there is Pacific Rim which has man-made Robots used to fight giant monsters. Robots can also take on any shape, size or form. Some robots may prefer the human look while others can take the form of giant dinosaurs.Don't forget about the robots who can provide comic relief. Who doesn’t laugh at the robot duo C3PO and R2D2 in Star Wars? Not all of these movies are all about robots but do include at least one robot who is worth mentioning on this list. Whether they choose to help the humans or try to destroy us, we still love to watch them on the big screen. Here are the droids you are looking for.

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10. Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim includes two of the best kind of giant things: Robots and monsters. While some of the acting isn’t the best in this film, the visual effects will blow you away. The story is pretty simple too. Humans control giant robots to fight giant monsters. This film takes place at number 10 solely based on the fact that these robots are controlled by man. They don’t move on their own and are literally lifeless. However, if this was a monster countdown this movie would be closer to the top.

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9. Real Steel
This movie has the Wolverine(Hugh Jackman) battling robots to get close to his son and earn money. I know I’m not alone when I say this movie reminds me of the popular children's game, Rockem Sockem Robots.

The game had a red and blue robot in a boxing ring and two players use them to fight till one of the robot’s heads pop up. Real Steel also includes robots in a boxing ring though; these robots can do a lot more damage than just popping heads.

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8. RoboCop(1987)
Before now there were robots being controlled by humans but here is a human becoming a robot. This classic movie has character Alex Murphy come back to live as a robot on the police force. The 2014 remake has nothing on the original other than better special effects. However, the original RoboCop is a fun ride about a guy getting a second chance at life against his will.

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7. I,Robot
Here are some scary robots. In the beginning of I,Robot, robots are shown working amongst the humans. However, the movie takes a dark turn when the robots try to destroy the human race. Luckily, we have Will Smith who teams up with a robot to stop the others from taking out the humans. This movie is a great action movie and one of Smith’s top films. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s highly recommended that you do.

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6. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005)
Why is this film on the list? It’s simply because of Marvin. This super sad robot is beautifully voiced by Alan Rickman and is one intelligent robot. Though he may be very depressed and is not the fastest walker, his design makes him a very adorable robot. With a big head and bright colored eyes this robot will make you feel for him as he shuffles around with his head down.

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5. Star Wars
You have now found the droids you are looking for! C-3PO and R2-D2 get stuck in comical situations while trying to help Luke and friends. The two make a great team. R2-D2 is the cute little robot that makes high pitched beeping sounds and C-3PO is the paranoid droid who translates for us. No Star Wars would be complete without this funny duo.

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4. The Terminator(1984)
Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the robot in this movie. Like RoboCop, this movie is a classic futuristic movie and is worth seeing at least once. The Terminator has turned into a huge movie franchise where Schwarzenegger turns from a bad robot to a good robot. In this movie, however, he is a killer and is the easiest to kill. This series puts a twist on your classic man v.s. machine story line. If you enjoy action, suspense, and Schwarzenegger, this movie is worth checking out.

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3. Wall-E
There may not be a lot of dialogue in Disney Pixar’s Wall-E but that doesn’t stop us from feeling all kinds of emotions during this film. Wall-E is a lone robot left on Planet Earth and discovers that Earth is ready for the humans to come back. Wall-E, with the help of other super cute robots, teaches children the importance of Mother Nature. Wall-E is an unlikely robot hero but he stole the hearts of many with his love for classic movies and collecting strange trinkets.

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The Transformers franchise is at the top for its use of good and bad robots. These movies feature two robot races fighting each other over planet Earth. You can choose the Autobots and fight for justice or the Decepticons who want to take over the world. The newest Transformers introduced the Dinobots: Ginormous, robotic dinosaurs. As their name suggests, these robots can transform from a human shape to cars, animals, and whatever transformer Brains is. If you watch this for one robot make it Optimus Prime. The Autobots’ hero is the perfect example of a great leader and there’s no one that wouldn’t follow him into battle.

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1. The Iron Giant
The Iron Giant is a heart-warming tale of a young boy and his giant robot. 9-year-old, Hogarth Hughes finds a giant robot from space and the two become very close friends. The story is pretty simple but it’s the sacrifice the giant makes at the end that will bring tears to your eyes. This giant learns how to love and robots don’t normally have emotions. In the end, it’s not about a boy and his robot, it’s about the sacrifices people(or in this case giant robots) will make for the ones they love.

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