Top 10 Gavin DeGraw songs

Gavin Degraw first caught the attention of the world in 2004 when his single I Don’t Want To Be was used as the theme song for the CW show One Tree Hill. The song, which was originally released in 2003, became very popular and launched Gavin’s career. Degraw has since released 4 more studio albums. His latest CD Make a Move dropped in 2013. Degraw also received a Grammy nomination for his recent collaboration with Colbie Caillat on the song We Both Know for the movie Safe Haven.
Degraw is a unique artist who can transition from strong rock anthems, to slower piano ballads, but one thing has always remains consistent: his meaningful lyrics. Degraw writes many of his own songs, which allows them to be more personal and touch on themes that many people struggle with in their daily lives. The songs that comprise this top ten list are varied in sound, topics, and across his many years as an artist.
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In Love With a Girl
This love anthem about a girl who is just right for him, took the world by storm in 2008. Especially since the music video featured Kristin Cavillari who starred in the MTV hit shows Laguna Beach and The Hills

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Dancing Shoes
This love song is a beautiful portrayal of a man who may not be perfect, but he’s also no pair of “dancing shoes.”

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Everything Will Change
This song is a great reminder to never give up. No matter what you are facing or how far gone you think you are, everything will change.

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Run Everytime
This song portrays the story of a man who has cold feet about a relationship and so he decides not to get on the train that will solidify his relationship. An awesome analogy of what it looks like to be nervous about commitment.

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More Than Anyone – Stripped Version
The love song that every person wants to hear sung to them. More Than Anyone is the love song to rival all love songs.

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Not Over You
This was the first single released from his fourth studio album, and was number one on the Billboard Top 40 Mainstream songs chart.

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Best I Ever Had
His latest single showed a new side for Degraw and showcased a little bit of folk influence mixed with pop. The lyrics are all over the place, but seem to add up to one central theme.

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Meaning – Stripped Version
Gavin released a stripped version of all his songs from his 2003 album Chariot, and although the original is amazing, the stripped version adds to the beauty of the message.

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Belief- Stripped Version
This is loyalty depicted at its finest. This song is marked with beautiful lyrics, engaging sound, and amazing voice to go with it.

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I Don’t Want To Be
This has to be Gavin’s number one song of all time. It has seen wild success and is easily related to no matter what age, gender, or music preference. Everyone desires to be different and stand out from the crowd.

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