Top 10 Summer dessert recipes

Summer time is just around the corner, although in some places across the country, the heat wave already makes us feel like we’re in the summer heat. Now is the time when everyone begins to go swimming, planning their annual family barbecues, and are spending time running the air conditioner and drinking all the water they can.

What we love to do during the summer is to cool down, right? What better way to do that than to have fresh dessert using many of our favorite ice cream and fruit ingredients?

When summer time comes, we will be buying ice cream by the gallons, but you can switch things up and make dessert much more exciting during the next few months. Or you can even save these recipes for anytime of the year. They are just too good to pass up to wait until the summer.

But for now, since the heat is making us feel like we’re going to melt, let’s take a look at some of the ten most refreshing and delicious treats that will leave us feeling cool after a long summer day. What is your favorite summer treat?

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10. Strawberry-rosemary yogurt pops

Popsicles are the treat we all love to eat, especially when we want to cool down during the day. With this recipe, you get the taste of strawberries, vanilla yogurt, and fresh rosemary. Plus, you can even switch up the recipe with any time of yogurt or herbs you like. What could be better?

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9. S’mores ice cream pie

S’mores are the classic summer nighttime treat and with this recipe, you get the taste of s’mores in an entirely different way. Using graham cracker crumbs, rocky road ice cream, marshmallow crème, and mini marshmallows, this dessert is a cool switch up to the regular, classic s’mores.

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8. Watermelon slice cookies

This recipe looks so good, especially giving that you will get to have fun, and decorate the cookies with food coloring to give them that classic watermelon look, especially when you use either raisins or chocolate chips for the seeds. This is a fun recipe that kids would love to help with.

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7. Dreamy s’more pie

Another take on the classic s’more, this recipe uses Nutella and cream cheese for a hazelnut spread. Plus, it is so quick and easy to make. To give the marshmallows their golden tint, just broil them for a few minutes and you have a delicious dessert everyone will love.

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[new page= Lemonade dessert]

6. Lemonade dessert

For this recipe, you simply combine flour, brown sugar, butter, and pecans for a crust to go on the bottom and top of this dessert. For the ice cream, you combine vanilla ice cream with frozen pink lemonade. This is definitely a yummy treat perfect for an evening during the summer.

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[new page= Sugar cookie fruit pizzas]

5. Sugar cookie fruit pizzas

Not only does this recipe combine cookies with delicious fruit, but you also have a whipped topping and glaze to go with the fruit. Kids will get a kick out of these treats and would have fun putting these together.

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[new page= Lemonade cheesecake parfaits]

4. Lemonade cheesecake parfaits

Another sweet treat for the summer are any type of drinks that will give us a refreshing cool down. These lemonade cheesecake parfaits take some time to make, but with the taste of both of these layers, they look worth it.

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[new page= Rainbow sherbert dessert]

3. Rainbow sherbert dessert

Another delicious pie recipe, this one combines three flavors of fruit sherbet combinations. Plus with a macaroon cookie crust and the taste of pecans, this will be a delightful dessert for any summer time occasion.

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[new page= Watermelon Bombe]

2. Watermelon bombe

With food coloring, pistachio ice cream, vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, and miniature chocolate chips, this colorful ice cream treat will look amazing during barbecues and will delight guests who sit down to enjoy a refreshing dessert.

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[new page= Chocolate-coffee bean ice cream cake]

1. Chocolate-coffee bean ice cream cake]

This delicious treat has it all. From a chocolate wafer crumb crust to coffee ice cream, this treat has the taste of chocolate in every bite. Plus, with a chocolate whipping cream topping to go over the ice cream, and garnished with chocolate curls and coffee beans, this sweet and delightful treat is perfect for any summer day.

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