Top 10 Tracy Morgan films

Top 10 Tracy Morgan Films
By: Angelica Stephens
Tracy Morgan was born November 10th, 1968 in The Bronx, New York. The once underdog had a hard life growing up and made some poor decisions, but he later rose to the top and turned his life around for the better. His father left the home when Morgan was only six due to a drug addiction and later on died from HIV when Morgan was nineteen. Morgan took the news of his father’s death very hard and dropped out of High school to marry his girlfriend at the time, Sabina, and help raise their child together. He then sold Cocaine as he struggled to take care of his family.
Morgan started off his career as a stand-up comedian in the streets of New York, after his best friend died. He later on debuted on Television on Martin , a comedy series on HBO, in 1992. He then starred in several films such as Are we there yet and Rio . Morgan also was part of the Saturday Night Live cast from 1996 until 2003. As a Saturday Night Live cast member, Morgan was known for his impersonations, including ones of Aretha Franklin and Oprah Winfrey. In 2003 Morgan came out with his own show The Tracy Morgan Show , however, it ended after the first season. In 2009, Morgan hosted Saturday Night Live and in 2011 he appeared as a guest on the Saturday Night Live Christmas program. From 2006 until 2013 Morgan played Tracy Jordan on the NBC show, 30 Rock , which was a reflection of himself. In 2013, Morgan hosted the Billboard Music award show.
Morgan is a very talented comedian, actor, and man that is admired by many. In light of the recent car accident that has left Morgan in critical condition, I am presenting a top ten list of his best films to honor his life and talent.

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10 Are We There Yet?
Tracy Morgan played the voice of the Satchel Page bobble head, the movie protagonist’s favorite item. The bobble head was the protagonist’s, Nicholas Persons, favorite item; it gave him advice throughout the hilarious comedy.

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9. G-Force
In G-Force, Tracy Morgan plays the voice of one of the FBI agent guinea pigs. The movie was a hit amongst all audiences and the box office made close to $300,000,000.

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8. Head of State
This Film stars Chris Rock as Mays Gilliam, an alderman from Washington D.C. Mays ends up running for president and winning the election in the end after several twists and turns. This film has high ratings; however, Morgan is not given a lot of screen time in this one. He plays the meat hustler in this film.

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7. Cop Out
In this film, Tracy Morgan plays Paul Hodges, a New York police department detective with his partner, Jimmy Monroe. The two are suspended without pay, which is problematic because Jimmy needs to help his daughter pay for his wedding. Jimmy tries to sell a famous baseball card but is robbed, so the two set out to try to get his card back.

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6. How High
In this film two people get into Harvard despite being pot smokers and underachievers because of a ghost who gives them test score answers. Morgan plays a commercial pitchman and a field of dreams guy in this film.

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5. The Longest Yard
This film is about a prison guard’s football team. Paul Crewe, a Pittsburg football player that gets arrested and sentenced to three years in prison, is forced to help the guard’s team out. Morgan plays Miss Tucker in this film, a prisoner who cheers for Paul Crewe.

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4. Half Baked
This film is about friends who are forced into selling marijuana which is stolen from one of the friends workplace. In this film Tracy Morgan plays V.J., a character that smokes pot.

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3. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
This film is about a dynamic duo, Jay and Silent Bob, who find out that a comic book that resembles them is made into a movie. The two them go to one of the writer’s to fight for ownership of the film, only to find that it has been sold. The two then try to prevent the movie from getting to Hollywood so that their image isn’t ruined, or at least gain some of the money from the movie. Morgan plays Pumpkin Escobar, a character that claims Jay can truly “touch a brother’s heart”.

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2. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
This film is based off of a children’s book, about Flint Lockwood, a character who was a failure until a crisis gave him the opportunity to shine. When a crisis causes the town to have sardines as its only food source, Flint creates a machine to convert water into food. Morgan is one of the voice actors in this film.

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1. Rio
This film nearly hit $500,000,000 in box office ticket sales and is a favorite for all ages. The film is about a rare blue macaw that is found by a bookstore keeper and is kept with her until a scientist asks the bookstore keeper to bring her bird to Rio de Janero to mate with a female macaw, as he is the only male blue macaw left. He later is captured along with his mate by someone who wants to sell him for a profit and Morgan’s character, a bulldog named Luiz, comes to their rescue by using a chainsaw to free them. Luiz also known for his funny personality and the scene of the movie in which he dances at the top of the float at the Carnival.

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