Top 10 Zedd songs

Zedd is an electronic music producer and composer who has created many music, such as rock and electronic, showing off his music making skills for many hit songs. He has done remixes for artists such as Lady Gaga and in October of 2012, he signed with Interscope Records and soon enough, his LP Clarity came out, with the song led by Foxes.

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He has gotten the help of many recording artists to sing, such as Matthew Koma, who helped the song “Spectrum” to reach number one on the Billboard Dance Club Song chart. He has toured all over in response to his hit album and he would make another hit with the single “Stay The Night,” with Hayley Williams of Paramore.

With his upbeat remixes and the foot-tapping rhythm that is infused in many of his compositions, Zedd has helped to make many popular songs come to life. Many of the songs listed have found their way on the Billboard charts.

We are counting down some of the ten top songs Zedd has had, and there are sure to be more as he continues his rise in music. What Zedd song gets you pumped up?

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10. Shave It

This electronic dance mix was released in 2011 and peaked at number four on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart.

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9. Stache

“Stache” is off of the album Clarity and it doesn’t include vocals, although Lady Gaga would later create vocals for her own remix of the song. The song is very catchy and upbeat, especially for an electronic dance atmosphere.

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8. Alive

“Alive” was released by an electronic duo by the name of Empire of the Song. Zedd did one of the song’s remixes.

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7. Push Play

“Push Play” is another remix from Zedd and Swedish singer Miriam Bryant joins him as vocalist for the song.

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6. Marry The Night

“Marry The Night” is a song by Lady Gaga and it is one of the songs Zedd has remixed as a cover version.

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5. Fall Into The Sky

“Fall Into The Sky” features Ellie Goulding on vocals. It peaked at number 21 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Digital Song Chart.

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4. Find You

This song features the vocals of Miriam Bryant and pop singer Matthew Koma. It was featured on the soundtrack for the movie Divergent. It recently peaked number one on the Dance Club Songs chart.

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3. Spectrum

Featuring Matthew Koma on vocals, this song peaked at number one on the Billboard Dance Club chart.

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2. Clarity

“Clarity” was one of the songs that put Zedd on the charts and it peaked at number one on the Billboard Dance Club charts. The song features Foxes on vocals.

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1. Stay The Night

This song features Hayley Williams of Paramore and it also reached number one on the Billboard Dance Club charts.

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