'Transformers 4' Chinese partner backs out, demands Paramount remove its name

Beijing Pangushi Investment is so disappointed by how its flagship building is portrayed in Transformers: Age of Extinction that the company has demanded that Paramount remove its name from marketing material and the movie itself.

The investment firm was one of the companies Paramount agreed to work with to produce the expensive new Michael Bay film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company agreed to make a financial commitment to the project if Paramount showed off its main building, the Pangu Plaza Hotel, in the film.

Apparently though, the building either doesn’t get enough screen time or perhaps the explosion isn’t big enough, because the company was not happy with the way it is shown. It has caused them a “huge financial loss and bad reputation of our company,” Beijing Pangushi said in a statement, notes TheWrap.

For its part, Paramount has said that building got a “prominent placement” in the film and “it looks beautiful onscreen.” The studio added, “We regret that Pangu is not currently satisfied with certain aspects of our collaboration and are working to resolve its concerns.”

Beijing Pangushi says that the contract was terminated on June 15 and that it has already filed a lawsuit against Paramount and the other partners involved in making the movie.

The Transformers films have all been massive hits in China and Paramount made several moves to bring in Chinese elements, from filming there to even sponsoring a talent show to find actors. Paramount produced the film with China Movie Channel.

Age of Extinction hits theaters in the U.S. on June 27 and stars Mark Wahlberg.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com

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