Utah reenactment cannon injures three children

In Orem, Utah, three children were unexpectedly injured during a parade when there an explosion occurred, caused by cannon charges.

The grand parade was in honor of the City of Orem’s Summerfest. According to NBC News the explosion was caused when a spark from one of the historical cannons landed on a bag containing additional cannon charges.

The firing of these cannons took place at the beginning of the parade as part of a patriotic reenactment. The three children injured were part of a Civil War reenactment group and were mid-reenactment when the spark fell on the charges and the explosion took place as reported by KUTV. Witnesses also told KUTV that briefly after the explosion two of the three children injured were surrounded by fire.

Luckily for the injured children, paramedics were already standing by at the parade and according to NBC News the children were in stable condition when taken to the local hospital.

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