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Yulianna- 'Popra' album review

Yulianna released her album Popra and the five-track album consists of a combination of pop and opera sounds that build upon a story. The vocalist has a background in opera and she brings the entire album together in a clear and defined way, showing how creative she is in telling the story and making it sound interesting. While opera may scare some off, don’t fret, because this album is worth listening to!

Each song on the album starts off in a hauntingly beautiful way without losing focus or missing a beat. “Love” begins with a story of falling in love, which has a nice beat to go along with Yulianna’s vocals. Next is “I’ll Never Sleep,” which has a nice, jazzy feel to the beat as it continues the story. “Torture” is faster paced, with a beat that exemplifies the climax of the story, as well as an opera sound that shows Yulianna’s talent in this genre.

The song “You Love Me” begins with the sound of the piano and moves into a strong, steady beat. Once the music finishes, it moves into “Ave Maria,” which begins with an instrumental before you hear the sounds of Yulianna’s voice in the familiar opera sound, but this song is more slow and haunting. It focuses on the beauty of her vocals against the piano in the background, thus bringing the story to a close.

Already a seasoned performer who has worked with many people who are familiar in the entertainment industry, Yulianna’s newest album brings a story to life with beautiful piano music, haunting melodies, and a beat that is always changing but continues to build on as the song ends and begins with the next.

This was an album I enjoyed listening to and her music can be found on iTunes.

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