Zuloon Dub System releases 'Anbessa Dub'

Zuloon Dub System has released Anbessa Dub, this album has a many strong influences and takes the listening audience to another world with its unique reggae and modern vibe. The album has the overall tone of traditional Ethiopian music mixed in with a more modern sound that helps to get the attention of a listening audience that is used to hearing what is on the top of the charts.

This album exposes the many different influences and vibes that Zuloon Dub System pulled from to create their own musical sound. It is refreshing to hear a sound that has not been heard on the radio in the United States recently. Zuloon Dub System embrace their musical upbringing and take that traditional Ethiopian music and make it their own with a few modern twists.

This album also features guest appearance by singers like Mahmoud Ahmed, Zemene Melesse and Yaakov Lilay.

Zuloon Dub System is currently on tour and is bringing their musical sound to cities all around the United States. This music will not be for everyone, it takes a few times to listen through and explore this unique musical sound. It is important to push a musical comfort level for an audience. Listening to a variety of musical influences help to create a more rounded musical education and this will lead to a strong appreciation for different musical influences and sounds.

This album is worth listening too as a whole because each track blends into the next and really transports the listening audience to another world.

The stand out tracks on the album include, "Tenesh Kelbe Lay," "Sab Sam" and "Yehoden Aweteche Lengeresh."

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